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Sniper Clark was in the zone in the second half as she finished with 30

After having a few days of rest, the Fever wanted to find some type of momentum in the Commissioner's Cup and build off of that. Caitlin Clark is averaging around 16 points per game and A. Boston was getting back into her groove. On Friday, the Fever faced a Mystics' team that has not been able to find their identity just yet.

With refreshed legs, the Fever had a little hop in their step in the first half. Clark put on her vision googles on and hit her teammates with some crisp outlet passes, for easy lay ups. Each time Washington scored, Indiana would answer. At one point Indiana blew the game wide open and had a double-digit lead against Washington. In a blink of one's eye, their lead was cut down to four, while Clark was getting some rest late in the second quarter.

After the hot start, the Fever went back into their old ways in the second half with turning the ball over and forcing up shots, instead of rotating the ball to the open person. They were in a dog fight late in the fourth with Washington, but Clark was like hold my beer. Sniper Clark was on red eye time as she went 4 out of 7 in a three-minute span to put the Fever up five with under six minutes left in the game. Despite Clark having one of her best shooting nights this season, her team was clinging onto a two-point lead with under two minutes left in regulation.

With .39 seconds left in the game, all the Fever needed to do was score to extend their lead and the game would be over. Coming out of the timeout, Boston was fouled and missed both of her free-throws, which left the door opened. Washington did not take advantage of the mis-ques of the Fever and Indiana went on to win in a thrilling game, 85-83

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