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  • Heather Wilson

Smothered Screening recap

On Wednesday, May 4 was the screening of the hit show Smothered, which is in its 2nd season, starring Jason Stuart and Mitch Hara. Sony Studios in Culver City, California, at the John Singleton Theatre, set the stage for the night. This award winning, short form series, is highly anticipated, and deals with a gay, Jewish couple, who don't have the money to get divorced, so they stay together and just deal, and life ensues. Getting a chance to meet the cast today (especially Jaspn and Mitch) was such a great experience; as I got a chance to see really just how fun and personable they all are. They are truly genuine. This cast is hilarious, starring others such as Carole Goldman, Susan Hopper, Nic Few, and Kareem Ferguson. This award winning cast, and crew is eager for the world to see what they have been working on. and though the elephant in the room is the writers strike, the morale and energy that was felt for what has been such an accomplishment was not lost. Can't wait to see more from Smothered. You can find out more. at

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