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Simone Biles' docuseries will premiere before the 2021 Tokyo Olympics

Los Angeles- The iconic gymnast Simone Biles will showcase her talents, preparation, and devotion starring in her own docuseries Simone vs. Herself.

The docuseries will follow Biles around, as she prepares for the 2021 Tokyo Olympics. It will showcase the grueling preparation that Biles put herself through in order to be the best at what she does. “I don’t think people get the intensity of how I train and what my life looks like,” Biles told USA TODAY Sports. “I think there is a sense of normalcy they’ll get to see, but they’ll also see the rigorous training. We’re training 34, 35 hours a week to compete for 3½ to five minutes.”

In this docuseries, Biles will be transparent with how she is handling her depression since the Olympics were canceled last year. "I’m a normal human being,” Biles said. “I live in this world just like you guys, my days just look a little bit different. But I think people forget that elite athletes, we have feelings and still have emotions. We still have to get our stuff together on a daily basis.”

Biles is excited about the project and wants fans to see that she is just a young woman dedicated to her craft and wants to inspire and motivate other women around the globe.

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