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Sergio Mendes's special will air on PBS in June

Los Angles- Brazilian singer Sergio Mendes will have a program special, which will give details of his life and obstacles he had to overcome in his journey.

Mendes has had an amazing career and wants to share is story with the world. Mendes will be joined by a couple of his friends that will share what Mendes meant to them and how his music has influenced many people around the globe.

“I am really looking forward to sharing my life and musical journey through the decades from Brasil ’66 through present day with PBS viewers across the nation,” says Mendes. “I hope viewers will have a joyful and uplifting experience.”

“Sergio’s warmth, humor and appreciation of life through all the senses made me feel a strong connection with him and I want others to feel the same way,” says director Scheinfeld. “His life is an exceptional blend of encounters, spontaneity and serendipity and makes him an irresistible subject for a film.”

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