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Serena Williams stuns top seeded player to advance to the next round at the US Open

New York- Serena Williams does it again and stuns NO: 2 seed Anett Kontaveit 7-6, 2-6, and 6-2.

Just like opening night, as well as her career, Williams had to dig deep to pull off the upset. After coming out of a 3-1 hole in the first set, Williams' confidence started growing after getting a couple of wins off of her first serve. Her first serves started having more force with each hit, which caught Kontaveit off guard. The first set went into a tie breaker, in which Williams won.

The second set, Williams was a little off balance with hitting Kontaveit's spinning forehand and backhand shot and could not figure her out. Williams went onto lose that set, but dominated the winner take all set. Williams was aggressive with taking risks and sucked the confidence out of the young star with her power. It seemed like each game Williams was just taking it to Kontaveit. When it was all said and done, the GOAT dug deep and made a comeback to advance to the next round.

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