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  • Phil Jones

Sener Bowl players that showed improvement in Day 2

Today in Mobile, it was day 2 of senior bowl practice. Some guys continued to shine and some 

had their struggles. I know that I've been a person who has said pay close attention to the 

practices, i still stand by it. The real things you got to pay attention to manifest on day 2, pads 

are on and guys can truly hit except for the QB. I’ll keep it short and sweet for you guys.

QB Michael Pennix Jr.

Just like yesterday he was on target with majority throws, to show the football world why he 

should be your team's new starting QB. Now there are some throws today that from your 

perception think it was terrible. In reality some of the wide receivers weren’t on time with the 

routes, but again Pennix still maintained a solid game at practice during the drill/ 11 on 11.

WR Roman Wilson

Wilson has been outstanding the first two days here in Mobile. He has created separation or if 

he's in a man-to-man situation and he has been able to deliver and make a solid catch. One of 

the catches he made was going towards the sideline, CB Quinyon Mitchell was on Wilson to 

start the 1 on 1. Wilson managed to get a good separation to get up on a Michael Pennix Jr 

pass and snagged the ball with one hand.

DT T’vondre Sweat

Was a massive force to be reckoned with, he is a day one starter out the gate and today he 

showed everyone his 6’4 365 lbs power against other American team O-linemen. He showed in 

the drills that he’s a space eater, and can fight off double teams. He showed today as he did 

during the regular season, maintaining his hands up in the passing lanes.

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