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Selena O'Sullivan: A star in the Making

Los Angles- Stunt actress and wrestler Selena O'Sullivan is next in line to be a great superstar in the entertainment industry. Selena has grit and an amazing story that describes the"leap of faith" that many people would be scared of trying. Selena was born and raised in Australia and decided that she wanted to move to Los Angles to pursue her dreams of being an actress.

"I decided that I wanted to pursue my dreams and I knew that the opportunities in Australia were slim, so I decided to move to Los Angles. When I moved to Los Angles I had to overcome certain obstacles, because I did not have any friends or family to show me around Los Angles. It was scary, but eventually, I started making friends and finding my way in the city of Angeles. I wanted to pursue being a stunt actress for a long time after watching Jackie Change and Angelina Jolie over the years. The stunts that they performed in movies were just phenomenal and I was like hey, that is something that I would enjoy doing."

Selena did get her break in a couple of movies to do some stunts in, but her journey changed in a surprising manner. Selena was told by multiple people to audition for a role with the Wrestling of Women organization and at first, she was hesitant. However, she got up the nerve to audition and the organization liked what she brought to the table and now she plays a role as a character named Genesis.

Genesis's storyline is unique because she is an outsider that has a bad attitude, because of certain decisions she made with the wrestling company and does what she feels. However, she joins an alliance who have similar experiences with the company and form a group called Exile.

"It is fun performing stunts and getting into the role of the character. When asked about her favorite wrestler, Selena replied Eddie Guerrero. Outside of wrestling and doing stunts in movies and shows. Selena is an upbeat type of person and loves to inspiring anyone around her. "I like to motive and encourage people, you never know what someone is going through. For people who are scared of failing at something, just try it out. You never know what possibilities will come out of it, if you do not try."



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