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Saints will advance to play the Bucs, after defeating the Bears 21-9

New Orleans- The Saints' offense erupts in the second half, defeating Chicago in a old-fashion beat down.

With many individuals speculating that Drew Brees will retire after the Saints' season is finished, New Orleans wanted to take care of business and get Brees another ring. Their first test was against the Chicago Bears, who was one of the sleeping teams that reporters felt could upset New Orleans.

The Saints scored first, as Brees hit Michael Thomas for the three-yard touchdown score in the first quarter. After their opening drive, New Orleans struggled to get any offense going until late in the third quarter. Brees and their offense started to speed up the game, which caught Chicago off guard. New Orleans scored two touchdowns; one on the ground and another through the air to break the game wide open in the second half .

Late into the fourth quarter, the Saints went for it on a fourth and goal to make a statement, but failed to convert the down. After it was said and done, the Saints dominated the Bears in the second half and finished with 385 total yards in the game.

The Saints will advance and play Tampa Bay next week. For the first time in NFL history, two 40+ quarterbacks will be facing each other in the playoffs.


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