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  • Chappell Wilson

Ricochet does the impossible on RAW

This past Monday night, which was the season premiere of Raw, Sami Zayn started the night off without his tag team partner Kevin Owens as he’s been moved to Smackdown. The most intriguing matchup of the night was a FALLS COUNT ANYWHERE match between Ricochet and Shinsuke Nakamura.

The match was full of high flying kicks and over the ropes, but the most dangerous jump was from Ricochet when he jumped out from the crowd with a backflip. Shinsuke went on to win the fight after he knocked Ricochet through a table and landed a diving knee kick. The heavyweight champion Seth Rollins and his next opponent, Drew McIntyre, had the crowd totally locked in as they prepared for their championship clash at Crown Jewel!

Big Bronson was up to take on The Ring General for his Intercontinental Championship. Big Bronson came into the match on a tear as he destroyed his previous opponents in devastating style. He even started this match with big slams and even a suplex off the top rope. The Ring General retained his title after he shocked everyone by picking up the 300-pound Big Bronson and body-slamming him.

The main event was a tag team battle between THE Judgement Day and Jey USO with Cody Rhodes. The match was close until Cody Rhodes was slammed through the announcers table, and Jey USO twin brother Jimmy USO sabotaged him by putting him back in the ring to be pinned and defeated. Monday Night Raw was full of great moments and new energy due to the new ownership as the McMahons handed over the reins. If this week's show is an example of what’s to come, then fans are in good hands.

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