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Rams' offense explodes in win over Cardinals 34-11

The Rams on paper had bought themselves a championship appearance, adding Von Miller, Matthew Stafford, and Odell Beckham to an already stacked team this season. LA looked like the team to beat in the first half of the season, but looked very human like for the rest of the season.They did not get home field advantage and had to start their potential Super Bowl run facing a hungry team in the Cardinals on MLK Jr. day..

With a mixture of pass and run, Stafford hit ODBJ for a five-yard touchdown pass over Budda Baker on their second possession of the game. That touchdown pass was the first of Beckham's postseason career. The running attack for the Rams was killing the Cardinals' secondary. Cam Akers and Sony Michel was putting in work and combined for 80-yards. Outside of their offensive explosion, the defense picked off Kyler Murray twice. The Rams looked like the team that everyone feared and walked into the locker room with a 21-(0)skunk lead.

The second half was just the Rams exposing the Cardinals' defense. Sean McVay even threw a play that had ODBJ throwing a pass to Akers. LA threw out all the tricks and there was nothing that the Cardinals could do but to see their season ending in a very embarrassing manner. LA will advance to face Tom Brady and the Bucs next week.

Stafford finished 13 out of 17 with 202 yards and 2 touchdowns


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