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  • Tarrian Rodgers

Raiders offense was scary bad on Halloween Eve

Monday Night Football the day before Halloween saw some scary things. The two scariest things of the night were the speed of Detroit Lions rookie running back Jahmir Gibbs as he torched the Raiders defense for 26 carries for 152 yards and a touchdown, he also chipped in with 5 catches for 37 yards. The second scary thing of the night was how scary bad the Raiders offense looked. For context, star wide receiver Davante Adams only had 1 catch for 11 yards. The Raiders wide receivers combined only had four catches. The Raiders offense this year has been historically bad, only averaging 14 ppg as a whole. Raiders quarterback Jimmy Garroplo continues to lead the league in interceptions thrown with 9. He had his shots deep to Adams and he missed every time struggling to complete an accurate throw. This was an easy game for the Lions though the team had three turnovers and a missed field goal. The Raider's inability to put anything on offense allowed the Lions to control the time of possession and allowed its offensive stars Armon Ra St Brown 6 catches 98 yards and rookie tight end Sam Laporta 8 catches 57 yards 1 td to have a good game. The Lions will have a week off going 6-2 and extend their primetime win streak to 5 games. The Lions have a very realistic path of being the top seed in the NFC. As for the Raiders, they will have a short week flying back to Las Vegas to play a 2-6 Giants team that lost a tough game this past weekend.

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