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Philadelphia will have their hands full with stopping the Bucs' speedy wide receiving core

Philadelphia- After a gutsy win on Sunday, mainly by their defense, the Eagles will have to go to the chalkboard to figure out how to stop Tom Brady and the Bucs on Thursday.

The Eagles will have their hands full with trying to stop Mike Evans, Antonio Brown,and Chris Godwin on the defensive side. As the league has seen during Super Bowl 55 and a tab bit early this season, Tampa Bay has a loaded roster. First and foremost the Eagles will have to make Tom Brady uncomfortable. If you know anything about Brady, his only flaw is the ability to escape pressure with his legs. Philadelphia will have to mix it up a bit and bring a lot of pressure to Brady, force him to more-so of his left and that is when big things could happen in favor for the Eagles.

Another key element that the Eagles need to stop is the Bucs' running attack. If they can stop big ol Leonard Fournette and Speedy Gonzales in Ronald Jones than the Eagles will have a great chance with pulling off the upset. Philly's defense is ranked 18th in the league for right now, but they continue to improve each and every week.

During a media presser this week, DC Jonathan Gannon was asked, how would he stop the wide receiver core for the Bucs and this was his response. They got a really good group. They got a really good group. You watch the tape.Our guys have to grasp that and understand that, which we do because we have smart players..So it's going to be a big-time challenge because they got the best ever throwing it to them, too, and they got other weapons as well besides those three guys. So, I got a very high opinion of what they do down there, and it's going to be a big-time challenge."

As Barney from the series How I Met Your Mother would say, Challenge Accepted.


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