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  • Will Stein

Oxford’s impact on Michigan Sports last weekend

On November 30th 2021 the state of Michigan was impacted by a vicious attack that impacted local and National Communities. The families of the four students have experienced all of the emotions that one can go through at one time. With the Big 10 Championship coming up on Saturday and the Lions playing at home on Sunday, it was a chance for the communities to respond to the events that happened in the beginning of the week.

The first opportunity for a statement to be made in the athletic world out of Michigan happened on Saturday during the Big 10 Championship. Already with a big prize on the line for the Wolverines, a bigger prize was on the line for the community of Oxford. Starting with the immediate home run by Blake Corum taking it to the house for the first score of the game and the Wolverines didn’t look back. Heisman finalist Aiden Hutchinson made many key contributions during the Big 10 Championship Game including sacking the quarterback to add to his record setting year. As the game was continuing it was a big dominating performance as the Wolverines played with a yellow O on their patch representing the community of Oxford for those who lost their lives that day. Everyone in the state of Michigan and the crowd in Indianapolis was saying it’s a Great to be a Michigan Wolverine especially on this day to represent their local communities. Everyone in Michigan was OxfordStrong on Saturday. Michigan won convincingly, however it was enough to obtain that #1 spot.

The Oxford Opportunity Inspiration continued on Sunday with the Detroit Lions facing the Minnesota Vikings. The Minnesota Vikings were already plagued with either COVID, or injuries. No Dalvin Cook, Patrick Peterson, Dalvin Cook, Eric Kendricks, Anthony Barr, Christian Darrisaw, Danielle Hunter, and Everson Griffen were out at the beginning of the day. With Adam Thielen going out early that didn’t helping the already thin Minnesota team as the game continued on. Towards the end of the first half, Dan Campbell at the time called an unnecessary timeout towards the end of the first half after a first down play-call. Somehow it worked with the Lions getting 3 out of that but you still don’t call a timeout there.

Going into halftime the score was 20-6 Lions. The Vikings didn’t do themselves any favors by going for two. They missed a total of three 2 point conversion attempts. That’s why you don’t go for 2 too early in the game. Eventually the 2’s eventually cost the Vikes with the opportunity to win or at least be tied to force overtime. The Lions almost gave it away by doing typical Lions things on 4th and. It came down to the final play which isn’t uncommon for both days. As Dan Miller from the Lions Radio Network said “Have a Day Boys Have a Day.” You would have thought that the Lions were Super Bowl Champions. However the community of Oxford and their community were the biggest overall champion this week.

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