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Oscar Nominees and Guests Can Get Essential Workers’ Waiver to Attend Academy Awards

Los Angeles- The producers for the Oscars will allow essential workers to attend the Oscars after they pass all of the requirements.

Oscar nominees and certain guest can bring along an essential worker to attend the 2021 private Oscar Awards. Essential workers who want to attend as a guest have two COVID-19 PCR tests performed by the Academy’s vendor and a total of three tests in the week leading up to the Oscars, have to present a travel and quarantine plan to the academy before April for approval and lastly making sure that guests practice social distancing and wearing face coverings at the event.

“Those involved in the Oscars production, like nominees and their guest, qualify for the essential work purpose waiver, and therefore are permitted to travel to and from the testing center, rehearsals, and Academy-organized activities during the lead up to the Oscars production, including, of course, the award show,” the letter reads. “The organizers of the Oscars are implementing a required quarantine to capture the risk of each person attending the event.”

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