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Odessa Jenkins: Persistence, Patience, and A Positive Mindset Will Help You Become Successful

Odessa Jenkins is the founder of the Women's National Football Conference, which is an organization that helps women grow and excel as football players, as well as give them a platform to talk about the obstacles that each of the women had to endure to be taken seriously in society as football players.

The league is sponsored by Adidas and Riddell Sports, has over 1,000 athletes and coaches in 17 different states in a short period of time since the organization has started. The WNFC is just like any other football league where women can play football and not be sexualized. Odessa wanted her league, as well as women in general, to be taken seriously in a sport that has always been dominated males.

In a recent interview with Newsstitched Media, Odessa explained the obstacles she faced with building her brand, as well as taking the leap of faith with being an entrepreneur. Take a listen to her story, as well as the key factors with being successful in making your goals and dreams happen.

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