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No Sue Bird, No problem for the Storm as they dominated the Sun, 87-74

Bradenton, FL- Breanna Stewart keeps the Storm moving, as the blew past the Connecticut Sun 87-74.

Seattle started off the game very slow against the Sun. The Storm could not figure out how to stop Brionna Jones and DeWanna Bonner from getting to their spots on the floor in the first half, as both players caused havoc for Seattle scoring a combined, 23 points. However, Breanna Stewart and Jordin Canada energized the Storm's offense as they climbed back into the game, pushed the ball aggressively, and together added 20 points in the half to cut the Suns' lead to two, 40-38.

In the second half, both teams struggled to find their shot and combined for 13 turnovers in the third quarter. It was a grind out game, as Stewart had a couple of block shots, but the Storm could not turn those into transitional points. Late into the third quarter Alysha Clark and Sami Whitcomb hit some big shots to extend the Storm's lead to eight at the end of the quarter. Clark started a 10-2 run for the Storm after she hit a mid-range shot to extend the lead to double digits. The Sun attempted to get back into the game, but Stewart made sure that the Storm came out victorious, as she rebounded the ball and scored aggressively. The final score was 87-74. Stewart finished the game with 22 points, 3 assists, and 5 rebounds.

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