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Nike introduces new WNBA uniforms

Seattle- On Thursday, Nike unveiled the new WNBA uniforms that will recognized the organization's 25 years, as well as showcase the future for women's basketball uniforms.

Nike has been a partner with the WNBA since 2018, but felt like they needed to do more with sharing these women stories, personalizing the uniforms, and paying attention to the details of performance features.

“Nike’s support as an inaugural WNBA Changemaker will enable us to continue transforming our league in key areas, and through our partnership, Nike continues to raise the bar in stepping up and supporting the current and next generation of elite athletes,” said WNBA Commissioner Cathy Engelbert. “We’re grateful for their steadfast support of the league and the athletes of the WNBA, contributing to a bright future for women’s sports.”

“Twenty-five years ago, the WNBA was a league that none of us knew was possible,” said Henning. “Today, we’re in an empowering moment for women’s basketball players, but also for female and non-binary athletes across all sports. I can’t wait for what the next 25 years hold.”

The new sleek uniforms that NIke has made will have more room in the shorts, numbers on the front, and 1/144 at the bottom of the of the jersey to honor the women who made it to the Hall of Fame. Each team will get three game uniforms.

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