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  • Eric Martinez

NFL makes Community Impact in Kansas City during 2023 Kickoff Week

The NFL will host a series of community and service events throughout the week to celebrate the start of the league’s long-awaited 2023 season and to give back to the region that is home to the Super Bowl LVII Champions. These events will all lead-up to the 2023 NFL official kickoff on Thursday, September 7th featuring the Kansas City Chiefs against the Detroit Lions presented by YouTube TV in Kansas City. The NFL is focusing on 4 events that are an essential part of the leagues’ priorities and initiatives. By giving back to students, honoring service members, participating in greening projects and partnering with key league sponsors, the NFL family looks to strengthen the community by leaving a lasting, positive impact on Kansas City. The NFL is making a monetary donation to Kansas City safe shelter for survivors of domestic abuse and an LGBTQ+ resource and community center.

Lowe’s is partnering with the NFL to donate $100,000 to refurbish the USO Center at Fort Leonard Wood in Missouri. In addition, the NFL will partner with Verizon for Operation Breakthrough to plant trees in honor of the NFL’s 32 teams in celebration of the start of the season. Prior to the kickoff game on Thursday, the NFL’s Inspire Change initiative, the league will partner with Little Caesars Love Kitchen with Kansas City’s Downtown Community Services Center to host a celebratory and impactful event serving hot meals to those in need. The NFL will also host a Character Playbook Speaker Series bringing panelists to students locally in Kansas City. The discussion will feature connections with mental wellness and healthy relationships and several topics needed to be discussed.

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