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New Tokyo Olympics Chief Seiko Hashinmoto addresses public concerns about safety during the games

New York- Olympic Chief Seiko Hashinmoto has said in multiple statements that she wants to go on with the games, as long as it is safe for the athletes involved.

After Yoshiro Mori stepped down for making sexist comments about women last week, Hashinmoto decided to step in and ensure the public about having the Olympics in a safe environment. “Now I’m here to return what I owe as an athlete,” Hashimoto, who had been serving as Olympics minister, told the committee’s executive board. “As I’m taking on such a grave responsibility … I feel I need to brace myself.”

In a poll that was submitted last Thursday, 80% of Tokyo's citizens wanted the Olympic games to be postponed again. “If the Olympics can wait another year, we could then see vaccines become widely available,” an electric machinery maker manager said in the survey. A transport company manager wrote: “No one wants it to be held forcibly now.”

There are a lot of issues facing the committee that they are trying handle. Before Mori stepped down last week, he was thinking about withdrawing from the torch relay, because COVID-19 cases are still increasing. Reportedly, 10,000 runners are expected to carry the torch, but there is a lot of uncertainty at this current moment.

The Olympic committee drew up a COVID-19 playbook for participants with the requirements of wearing a mask and having daily COVID-19 tests.


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