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  • Karla Uriarte

Netflix and LinkedIn Partner for Exclusive Conversation with Barack Obama and Filmmakers of "Working

Netflix and LinkedIn have joined forces to present an exclusive live conversation featuring Former President Barack Obama, director Caroline Suh, and the documentary subjects of the enlightening series "Working: What We Do All Day."

The discussion, hosted by Ira Glass of "This American Life," will delve into the inspiration behind the series, President Obama's passion for the subject matter, the definition of a "good job," and the evolving landscape of work.

The documentary series, produced by Higher Ground and Concordia Studios, explores how people find meaning and joy in their work and highlights the connections between individuals across various industries and job levels. Narrated by President Obama himself, the series offers intimate portraits of people's lives and aims to foster appreciation for the diverse range of jobs they undertake on a daily basis.

The live conversation will take place on Thursday, May 25, at 5pm ET / 2pm PT, exclusively on LinkedIn. Viewers can register to attend the event on LinkedIn and receive a notification when the livestream begins.

"Working: What We Do All Day" is currently streaming on Netflix, and it explores the significance of work and the experiences and struggles that connect individuals on a human level. The series features people from various fields, including home care, tech, and hospitality.

The documentary series consists of four episodes, with each episode lasting 45 minutes. It is directed by Caroline Suh and executive produced by Barack and Michelle Obama, along with Priya Swaminathan, Nicole Stott, Jonathan Silberberg, Tonia Davis, Davis Guggenheim, and Laurene Powell Jobs. Emelia Brown serves as the co-executive producer.

To watch the series, visit, and for the exclusive live conversation, join LinkedIn and register for the event.

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