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Details for the NBA In-season Tournament were revealed at the inaugural NBA Con. All 30 teams will be participating for the In-season Tournament that will tip-off on Friday, November 3rd in NBA team markets, and will continue to have the semifinals Thursday, December 7th with the championship being held at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas on Saturday, December 9th.

The In-season Tournament will start with a Group play followed by a Knockout Round. The two stages will start with all 30 teams being randomly drawn into groups of five based on win-loss records in their own respective conference from the 2022-2023 season. Four games will be played from each team in the group stage that will be one game against each opponent with two games at home and two on the road on what will be known as “Tournament Nights.” These games will be played on Tuesday and Fridays from November 3rd to November 28th. When the NBA holds these Tournament Nights, only Group Play Games will be on the schedule for those evenings.

Knockout Rounds will consist of eight teams that have the best standing in Group Play games in each of the six groups in addition to two “wild cards.” This stage of the Tournament will be played in single-elimination games in the Quarterfinals. These single elimination games will be played in NBA team markets on Monday, December 4th and Tuesday, December 5th. The Semifinals and Championship will be played in Las Vegas on December 7th and December 9th.

All 67 games for the In-Season Tournament will count toward the regular season standings except for the Championship. 82 games will be played in the regular season by each team including those games that are part of Group Play and Knockout Rounds. All seven knockout round games will be televised nationally, in addition to fourteen group play games. Fifteen teams in each conference were divided into three groups of five by a random drawing. The following are the results of the drawing: Western Conference, Group A: Memphis, Phoenix, LA Lakers, Utah, Portland. Group B: Denver, LA Clippers, New Orleans, Dallas, Houston. Group C: Sacramento, Golden State, Minnesota, Oklahoma City, San Antonio. Eastern Conference: Group A: Philadelphia, Cleveland, Atlanta, Indiana, Detroit. Group B: Milwaukee, New York, Miami, Washington, Charlotte. Group C: Boston, Brooklyn, Toronto, Chicago, Orlando.

During the 2023-2024 In-Season Tournament, the prize pool will be distributed to the players on the teams that participate in the Knockout Rounds. Players on the winning team of Championship: $500,000. Players on the losing team of Championship: $200,000. Players on the losing team of semifinals $100,000. Players on the losing team of Quarterfinals: $50,000.

Conclusion of the In-Season Tournament there will be a Most Valuable Player for the Tournament and an All-Tournament Team. The selection will be based on players’ performance in both Group Play and Knockout Rounds.

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