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Naomi Osaka wins Australian Open and takes her crown as one of the best women in tennis

New York- Naomi Osaka defeated Jennifer Brady 6-4, 6-3 and claimed her crown with winning her fourth slam championship.

Osaka and Monica Seles are the only two women who won their first four finals in the Majors and Osaka opened up a little bit about her drive and ambition to be victorious on a big stage. "I have this mentality that people don't remember the runners-up," Osaka said. "You might, but the winner's name is the one that's engraved."I think I fight the hardest in the finals. I think that's where you sort of set yourself apart.

Brady, who was a first time player in the finals, fought a tough battle and came close to dwindling Osaka's confidence in the first set with her powerful forehand. Brady had to dig herself out of a 3-1 hole and made it interesting in the later rounds. After tying the game at four apiece, Osaka took control of both sets and never looked back.

Brady had this to say about the match and playing a player like Osaka. She played really well when she had to," Brady said after the match. "She hit good shots when she needed them. In those moments, that's the toughest time to find those shots. You know, to put you on defense when it's the big moments.

After the match ended, Osaka put herself on the map and in some people's mind, Osaka is the best player in tennis.

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