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Coco Gauff overcomes adversity to win her first US Open Championship

For the first time since 1999 (Serena Williams), Coco Gauff could make history with becoming one of the youngest women to win the US Open, but she would have to face the No.2 player in the world, which was Aryna Sabalenka. Gauff has faced some adversity in her route to the US Open Finals, but kept her composure, which would definitely be needed, if she was going to upset Sabalenka.

In the first few games, you could tell Gauff was nervous. She overshot a couple of forehand shots and at times was a bit tentative with jumping on Sabalenka's first serve. She had to dig herself out of a two-game hole and did just that by forcing Sabalenka to defend her longer shots. Everyone knows that Sabalenka is very good offensively, but if you make her defend longer shots than you can find some flaws in her game. Gauff had some good moments in the first set where her defensive was highlighted as she chased Sabalenka's shots down, but it was not enough as she went down 6-2 in the first set.

Going into the second match, Gauff knew that she needed to be patient and get Sabalenka out of her comfort zone. Unforced errors stopped Gauff from building that momentum after winning her first game in the second set. Gauff put together some impressive games to the point that she was up in the set 4-1. Both players were exposing each other flaws within their forehand shots. Gauff had trouble putting enough power to force an error by Sabalenka, while Sabalenka was put too much power to keep the ball inbounds. Gauff went onto win 6-3 and forced a winner take all set.

Coco had the crowd behind her, and her confidence started growing. From being active defensively to setting up her forehand shots, Gauff had turned up the pressure on Sabalenka. Sabalenka had no answer for Gauff's forehand and just lost her ability to get back into the game. Gauff went on to win the set 6-2 and win her first major.

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