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  • Eric Martinez

Grand Slam: US Open victory for 19-year Spanish sensation Carlos Alcarez elevates to youngest No. 1

Tennis aficionados understand the legacy that Spanish tennis legend Rafael Nadal has created for decades now. His class and demeanor translate on and off the court. Being an international brand has helped younger players across the world, including Spanish 19-year-old Carlos Alcarez. It is only fitting to have Carlos Alcarez won the US Open to be the youngest man to win a Major title since Rafael Nadal in 2005 being the same age to win the French Open.

Carlos Alcarez survived a four-set match against Norwegian Casper Ruud on Sunday. An intense duel between two worthy opponents resulted in Carlos Alcarez winning 1st set 64, third set 7-6, and fourth set 6-3. Many of the patrons in the Arthur Ashe Stadium roared and chanted “Ole, Ole, Ole!” for a 19-year-old that debuts as the No.1 ranked Men’s Tennis Player in the world. Not only does Alcarez secure number one rankin1, but he is also the youngest No. 1 ranked men’s tennis player in history. With Rafael Nadal still pursuing championships, we all need to sit back and admire the interaction of Nadal and Alcarez on social media, but most importantly the proof that one Spanish legend has passed the torch to a very talented and now champion Carlos Alcarez.

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