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Naomi Osaka defeats Shelby Rogers and moves onto the Semifinals, 6-3, 6-4

New York- Naomi Osaka gets the victory over Shelby Rogers 6-3, 6-4 and will face Jen Brady in the next round.

Osaka was making Shelby Rogers move around the court and threw a couple of volleys to keep Rogers guessing in the first set. Rogers is the type of player that likes to stay in the middle of the court and be the aggressor, but Osaka was not having it. Osaka won 36 points and was winning her first serve at 69%. It did not help that Rogers had 11 unforced errors that halted any chance to climb back in the game. Osaka dominated the first set 6-3.

Rodgers had a game under her belt and was on the verge of going up 2-0, but Osaka dug herself out of the hole and hit a couple of beautiful backhand shots to get herself back in the game. After breaking two sets and with the lead, Osaka was on the verge of going up 5-2 in the set, but Rogers fought back after delivering a forehand shot to attempt to climb back into the game. However, Osaka finished off Rodgers with a cross shot and finished off the set 6-4. Osaka will face Jen Brady in the semifinals

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