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Morris Chestnut celebrates his legacy with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

Legacies are built with a vision, devotion to perfecting your craft, and the will to turn trials into success stories. Actor and global role model Morris Chestnut did just that. Born in the spotlight city of LA, Chestnut defined adversity and finally saw his vision enshirned with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Morris has been in plenty of feel good movies such as Think Like A Man, The Perfect Holiday, Breakin All The rules and Two Can Play That Game to name a few. With his success, he never lost himself nor degraded any of his peers efforts in the business. He has always stood on his faith and treated people like he wanted to be treated.

During his speech today, Chestnut talked abut his journey and what it meant to him to have his mother, family, and his fans supporting him through the ups and downs and his entire career. The ceremony was filled with positive spirits and an uplifting message that you can achieve your dreams if you put in the work.

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