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More pressure on the International Olympic Committee to postpone Olympics

Tokyo- With the rise of COVID-19 cases and cities entering state of emergency in Japan, people around the globe are questioning the IOC and their commitment with continuing to have the Olympics in July.

There are now nine cities in Japan that are under state of emergency, because the spread of Covid-19 is increasing daily. With only a few months left until the games, the IOC has its hands full and filled with protests, petitions, and a lot of questions they have answered about continuing the games.

Despite the spread, the IOC has stuck to their guns and said that they will continue to have the Olympics in a safe environment, but the public has not bought into it. People around the world are questioning why are the having the games during a global pandemic.

On Monday,World Athletics president Seb Coe had this to say about having the Olympics. "Should we have the Games? Yes, we should. Can we have them safely and secure? I believe we can," Coe said.

The Olympics are less than three months away and there is a lot of uncertain obstacles that the IOC is trying to figure out.

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