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Miami Dolphins junior program helps their community in a huge way

Miami, FL- The Dolphins junior program exceeds expectations when it comes to helping their community and schools out.

The Dolphins find so many amazing ways to help the community out, as well as bring awareness to youth football. The Junior program helps 142 varsity high school football programs in Broward, Miami-Dade and Palm Beach County schools through team visits, equipment donations, character building or game day experiences.

Each of these experiences are led with happy children loving the support, praise, and understanding that hard work will pay off.

"We love the game of football and are committed to our mission to teaching, learning and playing our sport in a fun and safe environment,” Miami Dolphins Senior Vice President of Communications and Community Affairs Jason Jenkins said. “Our Vice Chairman and CEO Tom Garfinkel set the vision to have an intentional impact to impact coaches, players and trainers in South Florida and we are proud to have positively engaged every school in the tri-county area.

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