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Met Gala is adding live stream to its welcome back from the pandemic debut

New York- After postponing the 2021 Met Gala from May to September, the production team for the Met Gala are trying something a tad bit different this year.

For the first time ever, the producers of the Met Gala will be doing a live stream to capture everything going on at the Met. Co-host KeKe Palmer will be in charge of bringing the hottest interviews with fan favorites and what designers they will be wearing. Due to the increased rise in the Delta virus everyone will be wearing face coverings at the event.

Everything about the prestigious gala will be different for everyone. Face coverings will be worn at all times, some of the celebrities you usually see at the Met will not attend, and it willbe more of an intimate type of an event. It will be interesting to see what designers will come up with in this unique fashion.

The Met gala will be live streamed on Vogue September. 13

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