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  • Tiffany Rigby

LeBron James defends Zaire Wade

While the Wade family was happy and celebrating Zaire Wade for getting drafted to the Utah Jazz. Haters have been leaving comments and opinions on the good news. Some people seem to have a problem with the team that drafted Zaire.Some people have been criticizing Dwyane Wade because Zaire was drafted by the Salt Lake City Stars. The team is the G League affiliate of the Utah Jazz. Dwyane Wade has an ownership stake in the Jazz franchise which may be where all the opinions are coming from.

LeBron James came to the defense of his friend by commenting on an Instagram post that touched on the irony of people criticizing Zaire. The original post also touched on the irony of Bill Belichick's (General Manager of the New England Patriots) son being a coach for the New England Patriots and no one makes comments about it. While everyone seems to have an opinion on Dwyane Wade and his sons because of the stake he has in the Utah Jazz.

Lebron tweeted, "FACTS!!! I'm so sick of people and their opinions on shit that ain't got nothing to do with them!!"

Wade moved around during his high school career playing at Sierra Canyon then going to Brewster Academy. Wade, the 296th-ranked high school prospect according to 247Sports, was recruited by UC Santa Barbara, DePaul, Nebraska, Rhode Island, TCU, South Carolina and Toledo, but decided not to go to college. Instead, he’ll use the G League as the first step in his professional basketball career.

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