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Lauren London will play in a role in season 2 of BET's "Games People Play" series

Los Angeles- On Thursday, it was announced that Lauren London will have a role in the second season of the dramatic series Games People Play.

Last season, Games People Play was very suspenseful and had viewers hanging on the edge of their seat with some of the cliffhangers. It's messy, but a good type of messy that will keep everyone engaged and thrilled at the same time. In the second season, viewers should expect the type of tension and drama that this show brought out in the first season.

London will play a new character named Vanessa King, who is insecure about her husband's actions at times. She is loyal as a button on a shirt, but she is not dumb.

Here is a short preview of the anticipated season. While this is a brief appetizer, the main course will premiere October.19 at 10 PM, ET.

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