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Lamar Jackson keeps the Ravens in fighting spirit with a victory over the Colts 24-10

Baltimore- Lamar Jackson is clutch in the second half to pull out the victory over the Colts.

Baltimore played very flat in the first half against the Indianapolis Colts. In the first quarter, the Ravens scored on a fumble recovery that was taking back to the house to tie the game up. However, the Ravens struggled to get any offense going in the half. Lamar Jackson threw for only 54-yards through the air and rushed for 15-yards on the ground.

Jackson was consistently pressured by the Colts defense and did not have any time to get the ball down the field. The Ravens were 2 out of 7 on third down conversion. At the end of the half, the Ravens trailed the Colts 10-7.

At the start of the third quarter, the Ravens finally got a productive drive going. Baltimore was at the 10-yard line of the Colts and was on the verge of getting a potential score. However, the Ravens fumbled the ball and the Colts recovered the fumble.

A few possessions later, the Ravens scored on a one-yard run buy Gus Edwards to take the lead for the first time in the game, 14-10. The Ravens extend their lead early in the fourth quarter, as Jackson called his own number for a nine-yard touchdown run, 21-10. The Ravens tacked on a field goal late in the quarter to pull out the 24-10 victory over the Colts.

Lamar Jackson finished the game with 170 yards and a rushing touchdown.


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