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Khris Middleton saves the Bucks' season in Game 4

Milwaukee- Khris Middleton played Batman in Game 4 and helped pull out the victory over the Phoenix Suns to tie up the series, 109-103.

Down by nine mid-way in the third and the momentum shifting to the Suns, Middleton decided he was going to be the aggressor. Instead of forcing shots up, he took advantage of the match-up with PJ Tucker. Since Tucker was the small defender, Middleton either forced Tucker to foul him or shot over him. Middleton started to light up the Suns in the third quarter, scoring 15 points in the third.

In the fourth, that was when the Bucks and Middleton were tested. Each time Middleton and crew hit a bucket, Devin Booker would come right back and shoot a heart-wrenching dagger at the Bucks. Mid-way in the quarter, tempers were flaring and bodies were hitting the deck. Both teams wanted this game and played hungrily.

With under two minutes left in regulation, Middleton hit a much needed jumper to push the game back to a two possession game. After a failed floater by Booker, the Bucks iced the game with an easy lay-in bucket to pull out a tough victory against the Suns.

Middleton finished the game with 40 points and 6 rebounds.


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