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Kansas City skates over the Broncos, 43-16

Kansas City- The Chiefs defeated the Broncos, 43-16.

The Kansas City Chiefs was all over the Denver Broncos in the first half. The Chiefs dominated on all sides of the ball. Patrick Mahomes was barely on the field in the second quarter, because the Chiefs scored two consecutive scores without the offense being on the field. Kansas City scored in diverse ways. They scored an offensive touchdown,intercepted a ball and took it back to the house, and added a kick return to complete a dominate half, 24-9.

At the start of the second half, the Chiefs defense got their third turnover of the day, as Frank Clark recovered a fumble. The Chiefs took advantage of the turnover and kicked a field goal to go up 27-9. The Chiefs kept their foot on the gas against the Broncos, as they put pressure on Drew Lock. Lock threw his second interception of the night that turned into points for the Chiefs. Mahomes finally got on the stat board with throwing his first touchdown of the day early in the fourth quarter to Tyreek Hill. Kansas City pulled Mahomes out the game with five minutes left in regulation. He finished the game with 200 yards and 1 touchdown in the victory.

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