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Jojo will be hosting the non-televised AMA's

Los Angeles- On Friday, it was announced that Jojo, Tetris Kelly, and Tiffany Taylor will have hosting duties for the non-televised American Music Awards.

Prior to the AMA''s, which will be broadcast later in the day, the non-televised AMA's will happen at 2 PM, ET. Winners will be announced through the AMA's Tiktok account later in the day. Jojo was very excited that she was hosting this event and said that she can not wait. Now, the non-televised AMA's will bring some heat into the actually AMA's where Cardi B will bring her bubbly personality to the stage as she hosts for the first time.

There will be loads of performances and a look at a somewhat normal award show. The AMA's will broadcast live at 8 PM, ET.

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