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Joe Biden wins Election; Kamala Harris becomes first Black Woman who becomes Vice President

Seattle- In a very close Presidential race, Vice President Joe Biden edges President Donald Trump 284-214.

Before the votes were counted in all states on Tuesday and Wednesday, Vice President Joe Biden had almost an eight point lead against President Donald Trump walking into election night. The key swing states that everyone was watching on Tuesday were Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Michigan, Minnesota, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. Florida was the key state that President Trump needed to stay in line with potentially winning the election. Let's take a look to see how each candidate fared in the battle for the White House.

President Trump wins Indiana, Oklahoma, Kentucky, Tennessee, West Virginia, Arkansas, South Dakota, North Dakota, Alabama, South Carolina, Kansas, Utah, Nebraska, Louisiana, Missouri, Mississippi, Ohio, Idaho, Florida, Iowa, Texas, Nebraska(3 EV), Montana, and Wyoming.

Vice President Joe Biden wins Vermont, Maryland, Delaware, Massachusetts, District of Columbia, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Colorado, New Mexico, New Hampshire, Illinois, California, Oregon, Washington State, Virginia, Minnesota, Rhode Island, Nebraska (1EV), Wisconsin, Maine, Michigan, Nevada, Arizona, Atlanta, and Pennsylvania.

The two surprises in the election was that America was pretty much divided and nothing really change since the 2016 election. Biden was doing well in urban communities and Trump was winning in rural areas. The second surprise of Tuesday night was when President Trump prematurely proclaimed victory when votes were still coming in.

Wednesday, Biden flipped a couple states like Michigan, Wisconsin, Atlanta and Nevada to escape with the victory over President Trump to become the 46th President of the United States.


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