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Jewell Loyd was hot in the first half, but was kept in checked by the Sun late in regulation

Seattle- Despite Jewell Loyd having 22 points in the first half, she finished with 33.

With the number one seed in the Connecticut Sun coming into town, the Storm wanted to upset their stay. Jewell Loyd continued her hot shooting and finished off the first half with 22 points. Despite the Sun's bigs being active on the glass and having success with getting inside the paint, the Storm's three-point shooting gave them an edge in the first half. Seattle shot around 42% from behind the arc and pushed the pace of the game. The Storm had a 48-45 lead at the end of the first break.

Coming out the half, Seattle had three turnovers that resulted in to six points for the Sun and had to dig themselves out of a deficit. You would think that the Storm would get Loyd involved early on, but she had very few touches in the third quarter. Seattle had trouble finding the basket and at one point in the second half, they missed seven consecutive shots. Going into the fourth and down by double digits, the Storm needed a spark.

Each time Seattle would cut into the Sun's lead, Connecticut would score. Too much Dewanna Bonner and Alyssa Thomas banging inside cause the Storm a lot of problems. Both players combined for 30 points in the 85-77 victory.

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