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Jalen Hurts sunk the Vikings' ship

Philadelphia- The Eagles are 2-0 after defeating the Vikings on Monday, 24-7

The buzz surrounding the Eagles were what fans, as well as members of media expected coming into the season. Philadelphia's offense did not disappoint in a 38-35 victory against the Lions last week. This week, Hurts and the Eagles connection and chemistry continued against the Vikings in their home opener. Hurts was on fire throwing the ball down the field. At one point in the half, he completed 11 consecutives passes and had his team in complete control of the game with a 14-0 lead. After the Vikings scored a touchdown, Hurts had that "hold my beer" look and answer the touchdown with a 25-yard touchdown run, which was his second rushing touchdown of the night. Philadelphia ended the half with a field goal to walk in the locker room with 347 total yards and a 24-7 lead.

It seemed like everything was clicking for Philadelphia in the second half. Their defense made life difficult for captain Kirk Cousins. From hassling Cousins to intercepting him, Philly was not letting anything get past them. Hurts took the interception and put them in position for a 41-yard field goal, but Jake Elliot's kick was blocked. With the blocked field goal and good field position, the Eagles' defense came up big once again. Avonte Maddox shattered any potential that the Vikings wanted with an interception, which was the second takeaway for the Eagles.

Between the Eagles' defense and the Eagle's clock management on the offensive end, they finished out the game strong and continued the Kirk Cousin's Monday Night Football curse.

Hurts finished with 333 yards through the air, 1 touchdown, 1 interception, and 57 yards on the ground.

Miles Saunders had 17 carries for 80 yards

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