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  • Tarrian Rodgers

Jake Paul will fight Tyron Woodley in a rematch after Fury drops out

In a strange turn of events Jake Paul will no longer be facing Tommy Fury on December 18. Fury on Monday dropped out of the fight with a severe chest infection and rib injury. Paul will now face his last opponent in Tyron Woodley stepping in to face the youtube sensation.

"The show must go on," Paul told ESPN. "I have a responsibility to the fans who bought tickets, who want to see me fight this year. I have a responsibility to the fighters on the undercard who are counting on this payday. I was like, give me anybody, let's make it happen. Tyron Woodley just so happened to step up to the plate.

Woodley has been chomping at the bit for a rematch with Paul ever since Paul beat Woodley by split decision Aug. 29 in Cleveland. Paul and Woodley agreed in the ring after the fight to have a rematch if Woodley got a tattoo on his body that said "I love Jake Paul." Woodley got the tattoo on his left middle finger in September. However, Paul agreed to fight Fury instead of Woodley. Woodley felt like he never lost to Paul. He has the opportunity to exact some revenge in a couple weeks. The former UFC welterweight champion, had continued training with the possibility of competing again in boxing or MMA early next year. At stake for Woodley is a $500,000 bonus if he is able to knock Paul out, which Paul's team hopes to dismiss all the rumors that Paul has been putting a no-knockout clause in his boxing contracts.

"The rematch, it always made sense," Paul said. "It didn't make as much sense as me fighting Tommy Fury fight then and there. [Woodley is] ready, and he did get the tattoo. He was the only one on the list really that can sell pay-per-views. I can't just go in there and fight some journeyman like most of these boxers do."

The other fights on the card remain as follows: Amanda Serrano, ESPN's No. 3-ranked female boxer in the world, will continue to fight in the co-main event against Miriam Gutierrez. A fight involving NBA veteran Deron Williams and NFL running back Frank Gore will take place on the undercard.

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