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Jaguars' Head Coach Doug Marrone looking forward and not backwards towards new season

Jacksonville- Head Coach Doug Marrone does not want to focus on the past, but build upon the future.

After a grind it out victory over the Indianapolis Colts last week, Jaguars' head coach Doug Marrone felt like the Jaguars was moving in a new direction and was optimistic about the players that contributed to the win, as well as the improvement with them.

"We’re not looking back. We’re only going to look to get better and what we can do today.’ I told them, Marrone said. "Before, I’ve always broken up the season in many different ways.’ I told them, I said, ‘Hey, we’re 0-0. Don’t worry about anything else that goes on. Let’s just make sure that we’re trying to win a game this week and we’re trying to get better than we were yesterday. We go out there and practice and just get more focused, more focused on our technique and that’s how we want to try to approach each week during the season.’”

Gardner Minshew looked good against the Colts, as he completed 19 out 20 for 173 yards, 3 touchdowns and had no picks in the game. Minshew looked very comfortable in the pocket, even when he was under duress and threw balls to his wide receivers in tight windows. The offensive line held up for the Jags when they needed it. This week Jacksonville will play the Tennessee Titans and will have a tough match-up with them, but coach Marrone feels confident with his team.

"Each week, we’re going to play teams that are going to present a lot of challenges for us and it’s a challenge. They have a lot of pieces on all three phases. They have a heck of a football team. They play extremely well. We have a bunch of young guys and we’re just going to try to get better and put our guys in good positions, see if they can make the plays.”

It will be interesting to see if the Jaguars could put pressure on the Titans like they did with the Colts and stop Derrick Henry from making plays with his legs.

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