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Jags' owner will make $1M vow to Jacksonville's Eastside

Jacksonville, FL- Jacksonville Jaguars Owner Shad Khan has decided to improve Eastside, as he invests $1M into the future project.

Khan and the Jags' organization has decided that they wanted to get involved with improving the quality of Eastside. “I love what LIFT JAX represents, so it’s my privilege to make this donation and help to set a course that I hope will have immediate and lasting impact,” Khan said. “This isn’t about cutting a check, however. It’s about all of us making a commitment of our time and resources, continued and uninterrupted, to empower our neighbors and break the cycle of poverty. That takes work and requires accountability, and the Jaguars Foundation is more than ready to do its part.”

The Jags non-profit organization have five different programs that they want to improve with rebuilding the community. Providing year round access to healthy foods and nutrition education and establish a permanent neighborhood market, reimagine outdoor spaces to encourage healthy lifestyles and increase community wellness for all ages, local Culture and Business , celebrate the rich history and culture of the Historic Eastside neighborhood through support of local businesses and events such as the quarterly Melanin Market and other place-making activities, support the application of the Historic Eastside neighborhood to the State Historic Preservation Office for designation to The National Register of Historic Places and build the capacity of LIFT JAX and the HECDC to ensure operational support to continue to positively impact the Out East community.

Everyone that is involved is excited for the future of the neighborhood.

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