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Israel Adesanya showed he could defend himself on the ground after defeating Marvin Vettori

Vegas- Isarael Adesanya defeats Marvin Vettori in UFC 263

In his last fight, Adesanya suffered his first loss to Jan Blachowicz in a decision. On Saturday, Adesanya had to once quiet the critics, as well Marvin Vettori, who felt like he did not have it anymore and was going to knock him out in their second match-up. Adesanya once again used the critics as motivation to get him fired up.

Adesanya showed that he could get himself out of danger on the ground in the first round. Vettori took advantage of a kick that messed him and took Adesanya down. For a split second it look like Vettori could take advantage of half mount, but Adesanya got himself out of the guard and back up.

For the next two consecutive rounds, Adesanya went after Vettori's legs and hit him with some brutal leg kicks, while mixing in some punches that staggered Vettori. Midway in the third round, Vettori took down Adesanya and half mounted him. Vettori had a chance to end the fight when Adesanya turned on his side and ended up in a rear naked choke. Somehow Adesanya got out the choke and got back up.

In the fifth round, Adesanya delivered more knee kicks, as well as head kicks. He stopped Vettori from damaging him on the ground and stunned him with some right hooks. At the end of round, everyone in the building knew that Adesanya won the fight. The judges went on to make it official that Adesanya won the fight.

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