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Israel Adesanya loses his first fight in the UFC against Jan Blachowicz

Las Vegas- Israel Adesanya loses his first match in the UFC in a tough and close bout against Jan Blachowicz.

Before the fight, Adesanya wanted to challenge himself by moving up in weight. Usually, Adesanya fights in the 185 weight class, but in Saturday's bout he was fighting in the 200+ weight class. Adesanya weighed in at 200.5 pounds, while Blachowicz weighed close to 220 pounds.

In the first few rounds, Adesanya was landing his punches, as well as giving Blachowichz a lot of knee kicks. Blachowichz was doing a good job with checking Adesanya's kicks. All three rounds were super close, however in the forth round, Blachowichz decided to go for the take down, which shocked Adesanya. Adesanya struggled to get out of Blachowichz's grip, but it did not work.

Blachowichz had Adesanya at half mount and delivered some big blows late in the fourth. In the fifth round, Adesanya hit Blachowichz with a couple of big strikes, but once again Blachowichz decided to go for the take down and was successful. Blachowichz did just enough damage to Adesanya to pull out the victory in a very close score card.

"It didn't go exactly the way I wanted it to go, but dare to be great," Adesanya said. "You know, the critics are the ones on the sideline, but I'm the one putting it on the line." "If I was gonna lose to anyone, I'm glad I lost to him. Credit to him. He's a great champion."

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