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IOC bans athletes from protesting and if athletes do protest, there will be consequences

Tokyo- On Thursday, the Olympic committee has banned any type of political protesting at the games and stated if athletes participate, they could face consequences.

Athletes who are competing at the games will not be able to protest in any type of manner and if they do, they will be issued some severe consequence. The International Olympic Committee spent over 11 months discussing how they could proceed with making everyone feel comfortable. At many conversations and votes, the IOC felt like more people were in agreement to have strict rules for individuals who engaged in protest demonstrations.

"A very clear majority of athletes said that they think it's not appropriate to demonstrate or express their views on the field of play, at the official ceremonies or at the podium," IOC Athletes' Commission chief Kirsty Coventry said.

After the IOC issued the above statement, a lot of athletes around the globe felt like they were being hypocrites to protesting and went into a frenzy on social media. As of right now, it is unclear what the consequence will be if athletes participate in some form of protesting during the games.

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