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  • Tiffany Rigby

Inter Miami's manager dug a hole in refs after losing a game last week

Inter Miami manager Phil Neville has apologized for his furious rant he went on earlier this week against MLS referees, claiming it was a 'one-off'. Neville lost his temper following Inter Miami's 1-0 defeat at New York Red Bulls on Saturday. He accused the league's officials for repeatedly 'cheating' his team after Gonzalo Higuain's goal was disallowed.

The former Manchester United and Everton utility man recently called for MLS to open an investigation into decisions against David Beckham's franchise team. Speaking after the 1-0 loss to New York, Neville told reporters: 'Ok so, I'm just going to go full barrel. We got cheated in Portland and we've been again tonight.

"I don't want to sound like a broken record but something is fundamentally wrong with the way referees treat Inter Miami." However, Neville has now backtracked on his comments and apologized for his behavior.

"After the game I said the things that I said in the emotions of losing a really important game and in terms of feelings of the last two or three games, feeling a bit hard done by a couple of decisions that didn't go our way,' Neville said at a press conference."

"I used the wrong terminology to describe how I felt. I used the wrong word which should never be used towards officials or in games of football." "I had really good dialogue with both MLS and the PRO referees in terms of the decisions, my behavior, the word used, and the respect that is needed from both sides, and obviously my assurance that this was just a one-off."

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