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How hot is Mike Zimmer's seat

Mike Zimmer has been the head coach of the Minnesota Vikings for seven full seasons. How long will he continue to be the Head Coach of this football team.? As his coaching tenure continues some of the basics have gone downhill from clock management to basic discipline. The loss against the Ravens is another example of not good enough.

How hot is Zimmer’s seat? When does he get fired?

Right now Mike Zimmer is on extremely thin ice. You wouldn’t want to walk on the ice to try and ice fish without falling through the cracks. He could be out as early as after Green Bay or Zygi could wait until after the season.

Baltimore seems to control the destiny of the Vikings in two different ways. If the Vikings beat the Ravens they go to the NFC Championship game (see 1998, 2009, and 2017). If they lose to the Baltimore Ravens in previous seasons, Head Coach gets fired, see 2001 (Green) 2005 (Tice) and 2013 (Frazier)

With the Vikings losing to the Ravens. Mike Zimmer would be the 4th Head Coach out based off the previous patterns. Will Mike Zimmer make it to 2022 as the Head Coach of the Minnesota Vikings???? Right now all signs point to no, especially if the Vikings are eliminated from the playoffs. He could be out as early as after the Green Bay game and as we’ve seen in seasons past Zygi Wilf isn’t afraid to fire a coach in the middle of the season (Brad Childress 2010). What it would look like in Minnesota if Zimmer is fired mid season would be somewhat like this?

Interim Head Coach-Andre Patterson. Most of the players on the defensive line have excelled with Patterson as their coach from John Randle, Everson Griffen, Danielle Hunter, Linval Joseph, and Brian Robison to name a few. He seems like the most logical candidate if Zimmer is gone mid season.

Potential Head Coaching Options

Eric Bienemy-Offensive Coordinator Kansas City

Byron Leftwich-Offensive Coordinator Tampa Bay

Joe Brady-Offensive Coordinator Carolina

Kellen Moore-Offensive Coordinator Dallas

Todd Bowles-Defensive Coordinator Tampa Bay

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