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Hawks gets a huge lift from Trae Young in a victory over the Bucks

Milwaukee lead for most of the game, but a 30 point performance from Trae Young helped the Hawks rally and win the game, 121-114.

Getting their first win in State Farm Arena in the last 10 games, it was refreshing not only for the players, but for their head coach, who had this to say after the comeback victory.

“It first starts with believing,” Head Coach of the Atlanta Hawks coach Nate McMillan said. "You've got to believe you can win a game. I think we've had some doubts."

After falling behind 62-50 at halftime, the Hawks stayed in the locker room longer than usual before returning to the court. McMillan told TNT that he took some extra time getting on his team for its lack of defensive effort, especially in covering Antetokounmpo. The second half the Hawks were able to keep up with Milwaukee scoring 33 in the third quarter and 38 in the fourth, with a lead-changing three pointer from Danilo Galinari .

Trae Young was clutch for the Hawks in the 4th quarter, going for 16 points, with 14-14 from the free throw line. “Hopefully this is a good turning point for us to string together some wins,” Young said. While he is undersized for his position, Hawks center Onyeka Okungwu held the two time MVP Giannis to eight points in the final quarter. McMillan said Okongwu's effort against the 6-11 Antetokounmpo allowed the Hawks to focus on Milwaukee's perimeter shooters in the fourth quarter.

The Hawks host Minnesota tomorrow while the Bucks host MVP front runner and one of the best teams in the west in Memphis.

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