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Halle Berry will get the People's Choice Icon Award at this years People's Choice Awards

Los Angeles- The iconic Halle Berry, who changed the dynamic of Hollywood will be recognized and honored with the People's Choice Icon Award at the 2021 People's Choice Awards.

It was announced on Friday that Berry would be honored and recognized for her contributions in the film world as an actress and now a director. Berry has been one show shopper that walks the walk and now will be recognized for it. After all of these years, it is only right that Hollywood recognizes her.

“Throughout her career, Halle Berry has broken down barriers, directed and starred in diverse roles that have paved the way for others in the industry,” said Jen Neal, Executive Vice President, Entertainment Live Events, Specials & E! News, NBCUniversal Entertainment Television and Streaming. “In addition to her filmography accolades and trendsetting ethos, Berry is known for her philanthropic work with women, children and underserved communities. She is an icon of our time and for all these reasons and more, we are honored to present her with ‘The People’s Icon’ award.”

The Awards will broadcast live Dec. 7th at 9 PM, ET.


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