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Future without Rodgers for Green Bay

For the last three years, the Green Bay Packers and future Hall of Famer Aaron Rodgers had a love, hate, and toxic relationship. Yes, Rodgers took the Packers to two consecutive NFC Championship without much help from the front office, but the damage was done in 2020. It all started when Jordan Love was drafted in 2020, which shocked Rodgers, as well as fans.

Rodgers wanted another weapon that could help him, but the front office decided that they were attempting to build for the future. Rodgers did not like that and was contemplating for two years if he wanted to wear yellow and green again. Last season, Rodgers put together a magical ending to put his team in the driver's seat to get to the playoffs, but was bounced out by a hungry and motivated Lions team. As he walked off the field, everyone knew that the Packers and Rodgers relationship was finished.

A few weeks after the Chiefs won Super Bowl 57, it was announced that the Jets and Rodgers had an interest in each other, after he decided that he wanted to continue playing football. The interest started forming credible evidence that a deal could happen, if the Jets submitted to Rodgers command with brining in players that he wanted to help out the organization. New York did just that and all they needed was the Packers to agree to trade Rodgers for some high picks. At first the Jets wasn't budging but as of yesterday, they agreed to give up Rodgers for a first-round selection (No. 13), a second-round pick (No. 42) and a sixth-round selection (No. 207) in 2023 and a conditional second-round choice in 2024 in exchange for Rodgers and a first-round selection (No. 15) and a fifth-round choice (No. 170) in 2023.

Now that the fairytale has ended, what does that mean for a rebuilding Packers organization. It means that they can build around the young QB in Jordan Love. Love hasn't really been able to hit the ground running, because of the back and forth with the ghost of the past. Without the Rodgers noise, Love will be able to focus on helping his team make a playoff push. If the Packers are smart, they should draft some wide receivers and maybe fix their offensive line to help out their young QB. It will be a progressing year for Love and the Packers organization, but if they draft correctly, they might have a high chance that they will be in playoff discussions.

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