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First Positive Covid Case in Olympic Village Brings More Concern Of Why The Games Are Not Postponed

Tokyo- Friday night, news swirled around that someone tested positive for COVID-19 in the Olympic village.

In the last week, COVID19 cases have surged around the globe and people are wondering why the Olympic games are still going on during a global pandemic. Right now Japan is under State of Emergency and the IOC is saying that the restrictions and regulations for athletes playing in the games will keep them safe.

Tokyo 2020 President Seiko Hashimoto also acknowledged the public's concerns. "I understand that there are still many worrying factors. Organizers must try to make sure that people understand that these games are safe and secure," Hashimoto told members of media in a news conference on Saturday.

The IOC wanted at least 70% of the athletes vaccinated before the games and they have hit around 50%. Getting vaccines for Japan has been hard due to a shortage. With the shortage of vaccines, COVID cases have increased and there is a panic that the virus will spread with the Olympics on the way. With someone already testing positive for the virus in the Olympic Village, the pressure is on the IOC.

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